Custom Jewelry Designing & Manufacturing

Aura Jewelry can help you designing and manufacturing original lines of jewelry from large private label lines for your brand to small or startup business.

With over 15 years in the jewelry manufacturing, we have team of professional & experts. From designing and manufacturing small quality or large production lines to sales and marketing to both retail and wholesale customers including e-commerce and trade shows, We experience with every aspect of the jewelry business.

Develop Your Own Line

If you have ideas for a collection of jewelry and need it translated into real samples or bulk production, We can take your ideas and create an original line of branded jewelry. Our team can take your images and turn them into a fully realized wholesale line of jewelry under your own label. We can provide service for every step of the process from original designs and creation of samples in precious metals or base metals, all the way to complete jewelry manufacturing of hundreds or thousands of units. With you and your team, we can decide the best way to create the line that fits your needs.

We have our own line of Gemstone Jewelry, and we have produced hundreds of jewelry lines that have sold to companies such as kendrascott, macy’s, astley cleark and many more all over the world.

Build Your Brand

Aura Jewelry also engrave or stamp your company name or logo on the jewelry to build your brand.

How to Order Custom Designs ?

To start order custom jewelry, kindly write us at or Contact Us along with idea or plan you would like to start with.